Monday, April 25, 2005

Outta Here

I'm off to Mexico, in maybe one sleep, depending on whether I decide to sleep tonight or not. Hope everyone has a wonderful week, I'll catch you on the flip side.

(PS Thanks everyone that came and visited me at work on Sunday! I felt so loved!)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Just One Left...

I'm two thirds of the way done exams. So close, yet so far. The last one is tomorrow, and it's also going to be my hardest. I wish I could just inject the knowledge into my brain; I know the basic information, it's those devils in the details that I'm scared of.

My weekend is looking pretty good, if busy. I work Saturday and Sunday, as usual (whoo money!), and my evenings will be spent with Mon and J, respectively. Monday is me crazy running around getting everything together. Not entirely sure when I'll be sleeping, but I don't care, because after that...


Just 5 more sleeps...

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Six Things

1. Most of my coworkers who injure themselves at work do it on the slicing machine, or a knife, or the scalding espresso machine, or, in one case, the juicer. I drop a ten kilogram slab of cutting board on my finger and separate the cuticle from the rest of the finger.

2. Last week, a regular customer came in and made a slight change to her usual order, bringing her total to $6.66. This had never happened to me before, so I didn't even know to expect it. She looked at the till at least four times, and then paid. She is a moderately devout Christian. This week, she ordered her food and was supposed to be given the number 13, but I felt so bad about last week that I skipped 13 entirely and gave her 14.

3. Last night there was a surprise party for Anna, at Tessa's house. It involved good food, amazing cake, and Saved!. It also brought together the whole highschool crew, which was really cool. Needless to say, it was good times.

4. I am looking for cheap/loan copies of Phantoms in the Brain (by Ramachandran), He's Just Not That Into You, and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. If you know of any, please let me know.

5. I have a new bikini and a new shirt, and they are cute. And for Mexico. I'm so excited!

6. I have two finals between now and Friday night. Gotta get crackin'

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Y'all Need to Click This

The trailer is rockin'. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is becoming a movie, and I'm going to see it. Not when it comes out, because I'll be in Mexico, but soon after. I love it when there's a movie I can look forward to.

Edited to add that I just found another movie I can't wait to see, Howl's Moving Castle. based on one of my favourite books ever, it's an anime film done by the master, Hayao Miyazaki. So excited!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Studying, Anyone?

My life has faded into nothingness. On the bright side, the library and I are on wonderful terms.

Okay, on to actual fun stuff. I got my passport (woo!) and my hotel voucher-thingy (woo!). I also have waterproof cameras (like I'm really going to trust my beautiful Canon to a plastic shell that supposedly makes it waterproof), and I'm going to split studying with vanity tomorrow (ie. I'm going shopping), in an effort to staunch the flow of pure boredom.

I'm so exciting, n'est ce pas?

Sunday, April 10, 2005


So the week has been a flurry of school, work, and other activity. Highlights include having amazing friends who always make me laugh, new flipflops from Old Navy for $3.75 a pair ($3.75!), meeting someone new (sort of), Tessa and Anna visiting me at work, and a huge family dinner for the birthdays of my dad, my aunt and my uncle. More later. Like after exams.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Tales of the Work Week(end)


Customer 1: You used to have more tables for two.
Co-worker: : No, actually, we just moved them around a little.
Customer 1: No, there were more. I think you should go back to before, when you had more tables for two.
Co-worker: (under breath as customer walks off): Oh my god, you insane lady...
Me: Come on [Coworker], go in the back and build some more tables! For two!
Co-worker: : I hate you.

Group of Kids at table: This is the song that never ends....
Me: Oh god.
Baby 1: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!
Babies 2 through 9: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!
Co-worker (muttering): Kill me now.
Me (muttering back): No, first we kill those kids out of hate, and then we mercy kill each other. (In normal voice to customers) Can I get you anything else? Ketchup? Peantu Butter?
Customers: Do you have any earplugs?
Me: God I wish.


Me: Effing time change son of a who's bloody idea was it anyway I hate the world SCREW YOU BROKEN FRIDGE up at 5 am bloody hell hate bloody damn

9 am
Co-worker 1: I hate the world
Me: Join the club.

9:45 am
Co-worker 2: I hate everyone.
Co-worker 1 and me: Solidarity, sister!

Everyone, after taking a 15 minute shift at the cash: I need to switch with you. (whispered) These people make me crazy!

3 pm
Me: Well that was the longest workday ever.
Co-worker: Oh god...another hour...