Sunday, October 31, 2004

I Have The Best Friends

So, I've been swinging on the rope of moods all day, which I guess makes sense; my friends kept me so busy yesterday that I all but forgot my anger and hurt. Today of course, it's back, but I luckily have amazing friends, who have my back always.

This morning, I gave Tessa a call, and we chatted and caught up on each other's lives, which was, as always with her, awesome. She also commiserated with me about the joys of getting a long-desired piercing. The wise Tessa told me it's so satisfying because it's something you do purely for yourself; it's entirely selfish, and that makes it even better. And it's true. It's like when I got my hair cut. It made me happy because it was all for me. I think I lost some of that when I was still a 'girlfriend'. I lost some of my autonomy. That was entirely my fault, he never asked me to give it up, and I would never imply it was his idea. It is very nice to have it back though, so i think next time I start dating someone, I'm going to have to make sure I keep it.

I also talked to Jo, who was a wonderful listening ear, and didn't give much advice, which is exactly what I needed. I feel much better now, less anxious and sick. I really do have beautiful friends. They're always there to listen or help, and I love them for it.

Guess What I Did...

So, yesterday ended up being a wicked day. After the soccer game, me and T were going to go to the library, but we decided since it was beautiful outside, we were obligated to enjoy the sun. So we went shopping instead.

We headed down to Robson, met with another friend, and the three of us just wandered around. We actually did have a mission in mind; I, for one, need a pair of shoes. The only wearable shoes I have right now is a pair of Aldo clogs that are really comfortable and nice, but what with the lack of a heel, are not useful when it rains. All my other shoes have holes in them, one pair to the point that you can see my socks when I wear them! I also wanted to find a winter coat, to cash in on my birthday present from my parents. T wanted a bunch of stuff (shoes, hoodies, etc.) and our friend was just along for the ride. We looked at shoes first, and I've decided that not only are shoes vastly overpriced, but most of them make my feet look weird. T did find shoes, but sadly, I'm still in the market. I did find a completely elegant watch in Guess?. I tried to find a picture of it online, but I got nothin, so I'll have to try to describe it. It's a really classy, timeless watch (forgive the pun), silver link strap, round face with a slightly pearlized white-gray face and silver hands. It's beautiful and I love it, and as an added bonus came with a ten-year warranty.

Now, T, for years, has gone earring-less. She'd been talking about how she wanted to get them pierced, so I suggested she do it while we were downtown. T was wavering in indecision, while we (us other two) kept trying to ascertain if she wanted to. And admittedly, try to convince her to, because we both knew it'd be really flattering for her. She finally came to the conclusion that she was just scared, so she should do it. Unfortunately, our friend had to leave to work, but T and I headed to Claire's Accessories to get it done.

While she was looking at the various earring options, I started to think about how I'd always wanted to have a second earring in one ear (I think you're possibly seeing where this is going now). I've wanted one ever since somewhere around grade 9, which means for the past seven years, but I never mentioned it to anyone. I think I had some weird delusion about the earring, my image, and how much people would like me (remember highschool, everyone?). But I've always wanted it, and I thought "well, seven years is a pretty long time to have not gotten over this. I may as well get it." So I did. And I love it. It's not as noticeable as T's, as she had no piercings, but it's there, a tiny little cubic zirconia, and it's really pretty. T looks utterly lovely with her little zirconias; we were both left wondering why the hell she hadn't gotten it done earlier. Judging from her reaction yesterday, she'll spend some time at the mirror marveling at the pretty, and some of it trying to assure herself they aren't off-center (T, they are not off-center. That's why it took you twenty five minutes of dot-placement before you actually let her pierce the ears). Mine, I sometimes barely notice, and that's exactly how I wanted it. I really really like it, and I'm still so glad I got it. That'll probably be it, piercing-wise though. I may consider getting an analogous one on my other ear, but I'm not too into the whole bodypiercing thing.

Anyhow, we moved on from Claire's all excited about our new jewelry, right into Jacob, where I found The Coat. Jacob has no online store at all, so there can be no link to my beautful coat. It's black, very nicely cut, and it has I guess what you could call a soldier's collar; not like a suit or button-up shirt, it goes around my neck. I tried it on, and loved it, and therefore The Coat (which was most reasonably-priced) became My Coat.

Awesome day. Bet you wouldn't have guessed about the earring!

P.S. Happy Halloween everyone!

Saturday, October 30, 2004

We Won!

We won our excruciatingly early soccer game today, and by quite a margin too! It even managed to distract me from the anger for quite some time, which is pretty impressive. The game was actually a lot of fun; we had a full team, with a sub, and we were all a little more relaxed because of it. The field was mud from goal line to goal line, with a nice little 'lake' on one side of it. We all managed to stay standing, except Hilary, who can now say she has taken her first soccer mud bath (way to go, Hil!). JJ was awesome, as always, scoring all but two of our goals, and it was truly a lot of fun.

Anyway, I have to go study now, so I'm off to the library with T!


I am so, so angry right now. Angry and hurt. I understand that some of this is inevitable, but...don't lie to me. And don't ever ask my friends to lie to me. They'll decide what to tell me and what not to, in my best interests; don't ever try to get them to work in yours. Lying's the fastest way to invalidate everything before, and it hurts so much. Funny how the one thing I asked wasn't possible. Now I'm just angry, and hurt, and wanting to hurt something back, anything. Why did you do this? How did you possibly think it was a good idea? You betrayed me when I thought it wasn't supposed to be possible anymore. I feel like it's August again, and it sucks.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Ah, Correspondence

So I just got a couple emails from my brother in Cuba. Big surprise, the boy needs money. I love how he wants me to ask my parents for him. Ech.

You know what I really enjoy about halloween candy? The serving size. While I am sometimes kind of in the mood for a large amount of candy, I find that after the first two or three bites, the flavour stops being quite so amazingly good. It's like my tongue stops being all excited and sending a million signals to the brain, and starts slacking off with more of a 'repeat previous function' sort of signal. With halloween candy, there really only is two or three bites, max, and therefore it seems like flavour perfection every time. Kind of makes me realize the truth of the 'smaller protions is better' thing. Except when it comes to pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie is always good.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Reunions, Panini, And Other Such Ramblings

This morning I got to see Shakey, an alumnae sister who is incredible. Honestly, a ridiculously amazing woman. And an extremely good listener, to boot. It was great seeing her after so long (she was living in China for a while), but I wish she wasn't leaving again.

We went to lunch at the Citrus Cafe, a tiny little place on Bute St. It was really good! I had a turkey panini, with spinach, pesto and mozzarella. Paninis are amazing. Other sandwiches wept the day paninis arrived. And I don't mean the fastfood imitation, either. I mean the kind that are made with the incredible fresh bread, melted cheese oozing out, and veggies inside that are still crisp. It was delicious. And extremely filling.

After seeing Shakey, I went to class. I have to say, so far I'm not a huge fan of speech perception. I'm one of the few people I know that actually likes my Language Psyc course, but we've just started the speech perception part of the course, and I don't find it nearly as interesting as the previous sections. Oh well, maybe it'll grow on me.

Definitely time for me to go get dessert. My mummy baked cinnamon buns! Mmmm.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Arguments For Pinata-Making.

A good friend of mine, who is awesome, was recently having boy-trouble. Unfortunately, it wasn't the 'talk to him and it'll get better' kind of boy trouble, it was the 'this sucks' kind. So we were discussing the problem, and I gave her two possible solutions, which I might add could be used for any situation in someone is being a total ass (we will call this figure 'the annoyance' from now on);

1. Kick him. Hard.
2. Make a pinata of his head, fill it with candy, hang it from a tree, and beat it with a stick. This is an older idea of mine, but it is very versatile in its possible applications.

There are several advantages to the pinata plan. One, when you beat a pinata, it is not a crime. This is in direct contrast to beating a person, which is most definitely a crime. Two, the venting of the rage can not only be done without the annoyance's presence, but without his/her knowledge. And finally, were you to beat the annoyance, would candy fall out, rewarding you for your exertions? I didn't think so.

I rest my case.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Fire Alarm, Anyone?

So, for the second time this year, my Psychology of Language class was interrupted by a fire alarm. Generally, there are two reasons for a fire alarm going off at UBC.

1. There's a fire. (doesn't happen often, except in the chemistry building)
2. Someone has an exam they want canceled, and they think pulling a fire alarm is a good way to make that happen.

The first time the alarm went off, it was the third day of class. The third day. No one has an exam on the third day of class! The third day there are still some profs going through the syllabus. My prof was so confused by the fire alarm that we all stayed in the room for a few minutes while he was deciding what to do. Luckily it was pretty nice out, so I ran into friends outside and we chatted.

Now, pulling a fire alarm today would theoretically have made more sense. After all, this is high midterm season. But (and you know there's always a but) whoever pulled it did it 15 minutes before class ended. I don't understand this at all. Say you pulled it during your midterm. Clearly, you weren't in class at the time. Do you really think, that after an entire class has been writing their midterm for over an hour, your professor is going to 'cancel' the midterm because of 15 minutes? They'll scale it, numbskull. Alternatively, let's assume that the miscreant pulled the fire alarm before he was to write the exam. Half an hour is plenty of time for the fire department to sweep the building and deactivate the alarm, buddy. As was shown today, when everyone's 3:30 pm class went ahead as scheduled. Honestly, if you were just smarter, you'd know when to pull the fire alarm. Of course, you possibly would be smart enough to just write the exam too.

I actually find it interesting when a fire alarm goes off. Considering what fire alarms are supposed to be warning us of (ie. a blazing inferno of death), the general reaction is remarkably apathetic (again, except in the chemistry building. There, a fire alarm goes off and people are bodysurfing down the stairs to avoid the toxic death that would result form a fire in a building full of poisons that go boom in especially colourful ways). What do you think when you hear a fire alarm? Long gone are the days when I think 'Fire!'. I don't even remember those days. Now, I think 'God, I hope it isn't raining', and 'did you ever think about studying? Just a thought'.

And fire alarms are actually the more innocuous illegal method of exam-avoidance I've seen. At the end of one of my chemistry finals in second year, we were all confronted by police officers with a tape recorder, asking us to identify a (modulated) voice on a recording that had placed a bomb threat on our exact room at the exact time of the exam. While we did not in fact blow up, I find it not terribly reassuring that they didn't tell us of the threat until afterward. Of course, it may have had to do with the phrasing of the threat, which was so remarkably stupid that I still remember it;

"Hi,...I'm calling to say...the people in Chem 150 on Tuesday the 17th at 3 pm had better watch it...or else they'll blow sky high...while I watch them from upstairs...(click)"

I'm sorry, he was going to 'blow me sky high' while he was watching upstairs? And this guy was in a chemistry class? Did he not want to write the final because he was now invincible?

How is it, that when it's so hard to get into university, so many idiots are here?

I'd Better Not Be Psychic

Have you ever had creepy, overly-relevant dreams? I was having a pretty restless sleep, and I kept having really vivid dreams, one of which is a little too on-topic for me. See, I wouldn't even be home right now, except that my parents have finally purchased a new washer/dryer set, and I have to be home so that it can be delivered. That's fine; it gives me an excuse to sleep in. But I had the most bizarre dream, where the delivery men tried to knock me out with ether, and then rob my house, but I held my breath (to counteract the ether) and bit one of them (for self-defense, I assume). I'm not too concerned, because the laundry room in my dream was a bout the size of my entire house, but still, it's weird. I just got the call from the delivery people; the set is coming in the next twenty minutes.

Crazy dreams...I've got to stop snacking before going to bed.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

I Love Dressing Up

Last night was POP, otherwise known as Pride of Panhellenic, a huge formal for all the sororities. It was at Science World this year, and it was a lot of fun. I got to get all dressed up, and I felt gorgeous, for which I must thank Karen for the (gold!) dress, Steph for the earrings, and T for doing my makeup. Also, I'd like to thank my ingenuity for solving my slippery-shoe problem. Are your feet slipping right off your strappy shoes? Spray the bottom of the shoes with hairspray! It works.

So, it turns out Science World can be pretty swank-looking, with the right lighting. I wasn't too sure how it would turn out, but it was a definite improvement over the warehouse-venue of my first year. It was fun to see everyone all dressed up, and to dance with all my girls. Also, it was T's birthday yesterday, so happy birthday T! Your present will come later. I pretended it was my birthday, because that pretty much was my fancy-dress-up party. It was a great time, and now I am exhausted, and must study for a midterm. Sigh.

Oh! And I got my birthday presents back, so yay!

Friday, October 22, 2004

Yesterday (and Today, Too)

Other than the exam, I had an awesome birthday yesterday. People came over, and we just chilled, talked, and ate cake. I got some very pretty birthday cards (thanks Anna, Mo, Evi, Jessie, Jo, and Girly!), a gorgeous pair of earrings (thanks Alex!), and a giraffe and toucan. That first is a stuffed animal, and the second is a balloon, those metallic kinds that stay inflated forever (thanks Girly!). The giraffe doesn't have a name yet, but he is awesome, and a perfect size to sleep with. Karen and Tiff came by, and Karen brought me a gorgeous gold dress (it really is pretty, but if I try to describe it it will sound like horror, so you'll just have to take my word for it) that I'm going to wear to POP tomorrow!

Today, I woke up with that dry chapped feeling in my throat. I am NOT keen on getting sick, and therefore not terribly impressed. However, I got to have lunch with Girly (mmm...all you can eat sushi/dim sum), and got a new journal, and a new shirt that is pink, and pretty.

Tonight, Jo and Tamara gave me a birthday present, and it's really pretty! It's an adorable little writing set, to put on my desk. I also got a birthday card from Hilary, but I didn't get a chance to read it, because it got cleaned up by some of the girls (sorority event tonight), and I have no idea where the card, or the present, went! I'm actually a little upset. I'm sure they'll pop up, but I want my birthday presents!

Heh, I'm a whiner.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Yep, I am officially twenty-one. I'm still awake because I was studying my ass off. I'm going to bed once I finish writing this. I unfortunately lost some study time today, what with meeting, and the Ghost Train (in Stanley Park; it is possibly one of the funniest 15-minute rides you'll ever have the chance to go on). However, I think I'll be okay so long as I get up tomorrow morning and continue the hitting of the books.

But it's my birthday! And you know what is awesome about my birthday? I've been twenty-one for less than an hour, and I've already gotten 2 e-cards! And they were cute! Also, as a birthday treat, I think I'll go buy the new Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. But for now, I've decided to spend a good 7 hours of my birthday sleeping. 'night all.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Only One Sleep!

This is the last day I'm twenty. Yay! I'm actually not excited about being twenty-one (drinking age in BC is 19, and I don't even drink), but I am excited for my birthday! Yay!

I'm not terribly for my midterm tomorrow though. Oh well, necessary evil, right? On the bright side, I went to go see my TA about the other midterm, and she'd mismarked one of the questions, so my mark went up a little. Not a lot, but enough to make a difference. Alright, time for me to go do some more reading.

Almost there!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

2 Sleeps!

In not so exciting news, I got one of my midterm marks back, and it was not what I was expecting. Ech. Anyway, I'm definitely going to see my exam for that one.

I also got a flu-shot today, so that I may continue working with the elderly at the seniors' residence. It's been a while since I've gotten a shot, and Ihave to say, I'm not a huge fan. But I suppose it's better than getting sick all the time, so I'll grin and bear it, with the help of a trusty bandaid.

Time to go to class, and study for my next midterm. The hell I'm getting a low mark on that one.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Countdown! 3 Sleeps!

Til my BIRTHDAY! In three days, I will be twenty-one. Woo! Unfortunately, I will also be writing a midterm on my birthday, which I can assure you is far less 'woo!' and far more 'ech'. But whatever. Twenty-one!

Today went pretty well, although class alternated between boring and depressing. The topic of the day was suicide in my abnormal psychology class, which in general is not a very uplifting topic. But it was interesting, and apparently, since I'm neither male, nor white, I've managed to dodge two big risk factors. I believe our next topic is eating disorders, so as a female college student, I get to fall under the 'high-risk' bracket for that one.

So excited for the birthday! But til then, I have some journal articles to read. And by 'some', I mean 'lots'. Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Nice To See You Too

So my parents just got home. Literally 39 seconds after they got in, my mom started deeming our upkeep of the house inadequate. And Greg isn't even here, so I get to hear about it all, which is especially irritating, because I actually did most of the stuff that got done. Greg kept saying he'd do things, but then didn't. Honestly, I'm so glad I don't live alone with him. He's ridiculously lazy.

Anyhow, I've got to get studying/trying to appease my mom before she explodes into a jet-lagged nova of crankiness. Yep, good times ahead for me.

Saturday, October 16, 2004


That was the name of the restaurant we went to for Alex's birthday. It was pretty good, a little pricey, but definitely a cool atmosphere. You can find out about it here.

Today was quite full of emotional activity. T had to say good bye to her boyfriend, who was visiting from Holland. I had a couple random encounters. Alex, as I mentioned before, had a birthday celebration. All in all, I'd say my day went pretty well. The birthday dinner was really fun; good people, and good conversations. It's actually kind of nice to go out with a group of people that you don't know too well, but really like. Oddly, I find it easier to do it if I don't have a really good friend accompanying me. I think maybe I lean on them too much when I have the opportunity. My best friends are also a lot more outgoing than I am, as a rule, so I guess it makes it even easier to just let them do the talking. Anyway, it was a good night, and I'm glad I went. But now I am exhausted, and I'm going to sleep! Finally!

Up And At 'Em

Well, got up at seven today to play soccer. Seven. Needless to say, I'm pretty tired. Next week I have midterms again, and I haven't been studying nearly enough, which is scaring me. I'd fix this, but somehow,in a weekend where practically nothing is happening, I'm swamped. Teas, soccer games,'s insanity. And that isn't even counting the fact that my parents get home tomorrow, and the house is not ready for their arrival. Aie.

In better news, I had a pretty good night last night. I went to the Ronald McDonald House to drop off some cookies, and then hung out with two of our adorable new ADPi girls. I love them! And this morning was okay, soccer was fun, except we once again had the bare minimum of players, while the other team had two and half times the people necessary. I know I'm not terribly physically fit, but sprinting for 40 minutes straight? Difficult! Thank god I had water.

All right, I'm just procrastinating now. Gotta go get some work done. But first, I will read The Onion.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Do You Know What Is Super Fun?

Roller Skating! Seriously. We had a roller-skating exchange last night, and it was awesome. And this from a girl that is notoriously bad at anything skate-related (I'm not allowed to rollerblade. I become a national hazard). The lack of the ice cold rink, the improved stability of the wheels, the fact that pretty much everyone is awful at it, they all add up to a great time. Plus, the rink is painted all funky, and they play oldschool music.

If only the rink wasn't all the way out in Surrey...

But I still totally recommend it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Two-Minutes-Before-I-Have-Class-Entry

Yeah, so I'm on campus. Last night I tried to post, but my laptop decided at the very last second that it hated blogger. Arrgh. Anyhow, the post wasn't terribly interesting, so I'm not too concerned.

My first class is the boring one. Luckily, the lovely Jordan is in my class, but it honestly is painful. "How To Think Straight About Psychology". Ech. But my other two classes today are much better, and after meeting tonight, we're going roller skating! So that's awesome. Plus, it's on a rink, so there're no opportunities for me to uproot an entire bed of tulips or anything. Not that I've ever done that, of course. Ahem.

Tessa came over last night, and we watched Queer Eye. We would have watched ANTM, too, but my tape sucks, and didn't tape it. Stupid tape. I've got to go to class, but you can all get through the rest of your day knowing that you, too, are cosmeceutical.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


My new favourite word. When something sucks, it isn't cosmeceutical enough. When something is awesome, it is so cosmeceutical. The best part about the word? I have no idea if I'm even spelling it right!

In other news, my cell phone is found! Woo! Props to Giselle, who found it in her car. Thank god it's found; now I don't have to have my parents come home to a lost cell phone, on top of the half-painted disaster area that will be my house, unless Greg gets on his ass and finishes the painting job. Ech.

I need to get to bed before I pass out. It's only Tuesday, after a long weekend, and I'm already exhausted. Pathetic.

What The Reeves Taught Me

Christopher Reeve passed away on Sunday. It's sad, having someone so iconic, someone who's remained so iconic after so much, pass away. I'll mention that he was a relentless fighter in the battle for stem cell research, and that without him, many programs would never have been started, or given the funding to be completed, but that isn't what I really want to talk about. What I want to talk about is his marriage.

His wife, Dana, stuck with him through it all. And while I believe the 'til death do us part' is the essence of what the love in a marriage should be, that doesn't make what she did any less admirable. In interviews all down the years, it was very clear through body language and how they spoke that this was a couple very much in love. More in love than many. For one partner, after a horrible accident that has permanently damaged their love's body, to say 'it's still you, and I love you', is amazing. To follow through on it is incredible. Because yes, I do believe that that is as it should be in all partnerships, but I know enough not to believe that most are like this. But they did have this; not once was there the air of a martyr in her, nothe spirit of one pitied in him. Their love was still pure, even after a horrible accident.

That's the kind of love I want. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't expect so much from love, but I do. I guess it's just nice to know that it can and does exist. I know that demanding that from love carries some risks, not the least of which being me ending up alone; after all, how many guys are there out there looking for the same thing? But I'd rather be alone, I think, than be in a lesser relationship. I'd always be looking for more. The good news is, I know now that I can love like that. I just need to find someone who can love back the same way.

Monday, October 11, 2004

How Was Your Thanksgiving?

Mine was awesome. One, there was more food than I can possibly describe, including the all-important pumpkin pie, and I wasn't forced to eat any brussel sprouts. Also, great conversation and not an awkward moment in the mix. And lord, was I full.

A brief sampling of the happenings;

Gail: Oh no, the middle of the grape-cake didn't get cooked properly!
Alec: Gail, I love the middle of the cake!

Jaman:...And then she was like "I'm only telling you because you can relate", and I was like "I can't relate!"

There was lots more, but the tryptophans made me forget.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Thanksgiving Checklist

1. Invitation - Check. Thank GOD.

2. Dinner
a) Turkey - Check
b) Cranberries - Check
c) Stuffing - Check
d) Yams - Most Likely
e) Vegetables - Check
f) Potatoes - Check
g) Brussels Sprouts - Inconsequential. They're gross.

3. Dessert
a) Pumpkin Pie - Check
b) Who cares? There's pumpkin pie.

4. Good Company - Best there is!

5. Well-prepared stomach - I've been training all my life.

6. Mental Mindset - "Bring it ON"

Quote of the Week

"I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, all.

Saturday, October 09, 2004


So, went to MAC for the makeovers. Can I just say that that store is so much fun!? And that it is horribly dangerous? I really need to stop spending money. Like, really. All the bank cards are now staying home. Cause I'm getting out of control.

But on to more positive things. The lady who was making me over/helping me was super good at what she does, and did an excellent job, to the point that I actually bought stuff, which was weird for me, because I'm so not a makeup person. But anyway, I bought stuff, and their makeup is super expensive, so now I'm so not buying anything again, ever. Especially since a quality, non-archaic hairdryer was on sale, so I went and bought that too. All of which makes Jan a beautiful but poor girl.

So today was a great day of luxury for me, with zero work done and lots of relaxing, but I think tomorrow, it's time to get back down to work, a bit with the studying, but lots more with the consumption of turkey. Wish me luck, all!

Laundry Day

This morning, having finally gotten my head out of the psychology midterm vortex, I realized that I have basically no clean clothing. See, normally my mom does the laundry, not because I wouldn't do it on my own, but because when I try, I'm told "It's a waste to do just your laundry. Do everyone's at once, don't waste time or water." And then when I do actually get to do the laundry, I hear "You're doing it wrong. Move over."

But my parents are still in Austria. And what with the mad studying, I haven't been at all keeping track of my clothing supply. So, this morning, I've been doing laundry. Lots of it. Which in itself is not a problem. However, the day my parents left, our dryer broke. So, while I have lots of clean clothes, I have no dry clothes. And our house looks a lot like that scene in Beauty and the Beast where the wardrobe explodes while attacking the village mob. Clothes drying everywhere.

Which, incidentally, isn't actually all that unusual, as my mom generally considers our dryer to also be 'a waste'. She did however, use the dryer for sheets, towels, and socks, which get a weird stiff feeling if they don't dry while being agitated. I personally would use them for my jeans too, but they don't pass the dryer-necessity test (possibly because my mom doesn't wear jeans), but the one time I can do my own laundry, putting my jeans in the dryer isn't even an option. So, no dry clothes for me. Which is a shame, because I have this M.A.C. girls' night thing where I get a makeover, and then we're going for drinks, and dammit, I'm going to take advantage of the hotness!

Gotta find me some clothes...

What A Week

Ew ew ew. Thank god this week is over. I finished my three midterms (woo!), went to the Cheer-Off (which is way more fun than it sounds), and now, finally, I am home. And at 1:30 in the morning, writing a post on the blog. I did lose my cell phone somewhere at the cheer off. I'm hoping that turns up.

I would first like to say that I love my girls. I love them for distracting me and squeezing my arm or giving me a hug whenever they think I might be not having the best time, and for listening to me when I'm not having the best time. You help me remember that I will be okay, and that generally, I am okay. You are amazing, and I love you all.

I'm also really excited to go to Girly's for Thanksgiving dinner, because I will get turkey, and pumpkin pie, and there will be no mention of any sadness, because it is the house of 'eat, drink, and be merry'. And I shall. Especially the pumpkin pie. Mmmm.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Theft is Bad.

Someone stole my umbrella today. And I know someone stole it, because I put it on a desk in one of my classes, and two minutes later, it was gone. I was quite angry. After all, I lose enough umbrellas already without having them stolen from right under my nose. Plus, it was absolutely pouring outside, and if it hadn't been for the generosity of the lovely Steph, I would have been drenched. Plus, it meant I had to go buy another umbrella. Down another $9.15 because of a thief. I have this to say to you, thief; my new umbrella is shiny, and has a different colour on the inside than the outside. My new umbrella is better. And my old umbrella? It had a pin that always stuck out on the handle, and I hope it stabs you.

Bloody umbrella thief.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Mish-Mash of Information

I spent much of today studying. It was boring, but nice to actually get some work done. I still have to go back to the library later tonight though, I have midterms this week, and I'm somewhat behind. Ah, school; now I remember what I didn't miss about you.

My GST refund came in the mail today! That's $56.00 in the bank, people! Wooo! Yep, it's good times. I actually really do need the money, so the pleasure of getting that surprise cheque in the mail was even bigger than usual. Now I can pay off (part of) my visa bill!

Greg and I have nothing to eat that's actually in a food group, not that this comes as a surprise after looking at our shopping list, so we have to go to Safeway and get some food. We suck at Home Ec. On the bright side, the bank is next to Safeway, so I can deposit my cheque. We did actually have a healthy dinner last night, when we baked a lasagna my mom had left for us in the freezer. It was so good. I think I may be getting malnourished.

And finally, I forgot to mention that on Saturday, I bought three gorgeous white shadow boxes, and I am now having way too much fun organizing them. I'm going to take down all the little frames I have in my room, and just focus on the really great pictures and momentoes. So excited!

Gotta go, we're off to buy some edibles. Can't wait for real food! It feels like it's been so long!

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Superstore Seduction

That should so be the title of a romance novel. My story however, holds no romance whatsoever. Except for the eternal romance between myself and brie cheese. My parents, as I previously mentioned, are in Austria, and Greg and I have exhausted our house's supply of food, so we decided to go to The Great Canadian Superstore. Let's just say that when Greg and I grow up and have families, will not be responsible for the family grocery shopping. This was our haul;

655 g sour patch kids
645 g sour keys
495 g fuzzy peaches
2 boxes lemon tea
2 bottle 'POM' pomegranate juice (I am a Queer Eye WHORE, people)
5 cans 'pulp-free' orange concentrate (my brother rebelling against the pulp)
1 bag Lays chips (Greg's)
2 bags Miss Vickies chips (mine, sadly)
1 wheel brie cheese (we do battle over this one, but it is an entire wheel)
16 bottles koala springs soft drink
20 bottles IRN-BRU soft drink (if you don't know what it is, you're missing out)
5 bottles assorted soft drinks we've never actually had, but thought we'd try 'just for the heck of it'
Goat cheese
Swiss cheese
3.78L Ocean Spray Ruby Red Cocktail (amazingly good, and I can pretend it's healthy)
1 jar Nutella (again, if you don't know it, check it out and learn to love it)
1 O Magazine (mine)
1 InStyle Magazine (mine too)
1 'Laughs' Archie and Friends Double Digest (Greg's. Heh.)

Yep, we're a healthy pair, the two of us. We must be genetic freaks.

In other news, I clobbered the hell out of my head this morning. Walked outside into the corner of an open window. There was a visible dent in my forehead, but it started bleeding, and the scab covered it entirely. Super attractive, I know. Hurt like hell too. Ech, I hate pointless injuries that result from my own stupidity. Luckily I can go drown my sorrows in IRN-BRU, Koala, and sour keys. Woo!

Heh. All that shopping, and we still have nothing for dinner.

Friday, October 01, 2004


Woo! It's Friday! This would be far more exciting if I didn't have three midterms next week. Ech. At least I can get them out of the way. But, along with being Friday, it's now October! And 20 days to my birthday! Tessa tells me it's my champagne birthday, as I am turning 21 on the 21st, but I have no idea what that's supposed to mean, so I'm just going to focus on the birthday part. Wooo!

Babysitting was long last night. The parents went to a dinner party, and they didn't get back until 12:30! I fell asleep (oops). But they did make me dinner, and it was homemade macaroni and cheese, and it was really, really good.

So excited, after school I get to see Girly again! Yay! Not sure what we'll be doing, another friend wants to go to Daiso, the Asian store in Richmond where everything is $2 ($2!), and then catch a movie, so we'll see what happens. Hope everyone's had a good week, and has an even better weekend. Later!