Sunday, June 25, 2006


I leave in three days. Three days. I have so much to do. I have to buy a backpack. A headlight. I need toiletries. I need a money belt. I need...someone to just follow me around my whole trip and make sure I don't screw up/offend anyone/get robbed/forget anything/get hurt. I need to get the whole world's mailing addresses. I need to pack my yet-unbought backpack. I need to get my prescriptions filled. I need to say goodby to everyone. I need to see Peek. I also need to breather, because I am perilously close to self-inducing an anxiety attack.

But I'm still excited to get there. Yeee!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


While working at the cruise port handing out brochures on Wednesday, I offered a passenger a booklet, to which she responded "I grabbed one from the kiosk. God helps those who help themselves." In short, I offered her a coupon book, and she gave me a religious platitude. I responded with a surprised "...Right. Have a great trip!"

I was lifted from a blue mood yesterday by the discovery that I get my own tv screen on most of my flights this trip. And I get to play videogames! I love asian airlines!

I received my third and final innoculation against Japanese Encephalitis on Tuesday. Signs of an adverse reaction include swelling of the face and tongue and extreme itchiness all over the body. If I have extreme itchiness that is localized to the site of injection, should I be concerned?

I leave in 6 days.

Peek gets back in 6 days.

That is an example of impeccably awful timing.

I've eaten a ridiculous amount of food in the past few days. Much of it has been eaten with Cel (woo eating buddies!)

I've been watching lots and lots of Scrubs, and I love it.

Girly's gone, and I miss her. But then, I'm leaving soon too.

At dinner the other night (happy birthday miss j!) I realized that I probably went to the same chinese camp as my friend's boyfriend. Ah Chinese camp...I learned to play the chinese flute, to cook, to sew, do the fan dance, the ribbon dance, make the lion's mane for the lion in the lion dance...a weirdly low level of Chinese was learned, come to think of it.

Oh my god, I leave in six days.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

World Cup Fever

Currently, the lovely internet is blocking me from both of my email accounts, which is irritating at best. Thankfully th World Cup is here to dull the pain. And can I just say how much I love the Jose+10 adidas ad? I love the music, it's perfect. Whoever found it/wrote it for the ad deserves a promotion. Seriously though, love the ad.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Loving My New Lens

Hungry Bee, originally uploaded by Never Reason.

I have a new obsession; photographing bees and ladybugs. I knew my mom's intense flower garden had it's purpose! Click on the photo to see more (I dare you!)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Why My Friends Are Great

Because both A and I are more chatty in writing than in person.

Because Tessa is the epitome of rationality, and reminds me that usually I am too, and that maybe the fact that I'm not just now means I should get a grip (all in a very sweet way).

Because T tells me the truth unsimplified, even if it only confuses me more, and then patiently listens to me work through it.

Because Kaisha is always up for a dim sum, and loves the dessert tofu. And because she will fiercely defend her friends, and tells me what she really thinks, no holds barred.

Because Girly...well, read this. If you don't get it, then I can do nothing for you.

Because Cel and I can run into each other completely unexpectedly, and then make a day of it, going shopping, getting manicures, and having a very fun, relaxing time without planning a whit of it.

Because Peek is in Africa, having the time of her life. I miss the crap out of her, and can't wait til we have our "how was your trip?/have a great trip!" lunch/dinner at the airport.

Case of the Lost Lens

On Sunday night, I stayed at Girly's house. I wasn't expecting too, and while they fortunately had contact solution, a lens case was not to be found anywhere, so I put my contacts in cups with a bit of contact solution overnight. The next morning after breakfast, I go into the bathroom, where one of the cups is now half full of water and upon cloer inspection entirely unfull of lens. Upstairs, the investigation begins:

In the kitchen, with Girly and her dad
Me: I have good news and bad news. The good news is, my right contact? Good as new. The bad news? I think someone drank my left contact.
Girly: It wasn't me, I knew those were your contacts!
Girly's Dad: I don't drink water.
Girly: ...I'll go ask mom. (goes upstairs) Hey, did you drink out of one of those glasses? Jan's contacts were in them.
Girly's mom: How much do I owe her?

Case solved.